White noise for mindfulness meditation

Mindful meditation is a stem of psychology. It is the process of focusing on the internal and external occurrences presently. In the 21st century, humans are generally busy. We rush to classes, we pick up our books to read, think of making money, think of taking care of our family and so on. Sometimes, we are just so carried away by our activities that we fail to realize that we have lost connection with the present. We seem not to care a fig about our feelings, our thoughts and all, not because we do not want to do so, but because we are too carried away.


Mindfulness as a practice purposeful focus of attention on the present and taking it in without being distracted. It has been discovered that this amazing practices is rooted in Buddhism, many Buddhists still do it today and some other religions have adopted this amazing practice which helps in sieving the normal thoughts of the mind accumulated by day to day preoccupations and shifting attention towards appreciating the present and seeing life with a larger perspective. Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn helped to bring this practice into mainstream medicine and proved that the practice of mindful meditation is sure to bring positive changes in both physical and psychological makeups.


What does this amazing practice do?

• The fact that this practice allows for a connection to the present means that people who practice it do not have to get caught up in worries about what the future holds hold regrets over whatever might have happened in the past and this automatically translates to the fact that they can easily connect to other persons in terms of building relationships.

• Science has proven it. It has been proven that mindfulness improves the wellbeing physical health. Mindfulness helps to relieve stress; it helps to improve deepened sleep; reduce chronic pain and many more.

• Also, on the psychological angle, mindfulness also helps to change somethings. It helps to treat psychological and emotional issues like depression; anxiety disorders; substance abuse; obsessive-compulsive disorder and so on. Some persons have also asserted that mindfulness works by helping people to come to terms with certain experiences which include certain occurrences that can elicit painful emotions which, rather than treat them with indifference.

There are many ways to practice mindful meditation but the aim of all ways is to make sure that the person involved gets focused on the present.


One of the many ways to practice mindfulness meditation is by sitting with eyes closed and cross-legged with a straight back on a chair. Then the attention of the person practicing it would be put on the rate of breathing in and out, or on the conscious monitoring of the way air goes in and out of the nostrils. Whenever the person gets distracted, it is a matter of compulsion that they accept the distraction in a non-judgmental way and return to focusing on the breathing. Whenever this process is being carried out, it is important for the person doing it to realize that, firstly, they have to go with the flow. This means they have to allow the flow of thoughts in their minds without judging any (non-judgmental aspect is probably the most important).

Secondly, it is important for the individual to pay attention. This aspect is also very important because it tells the person doing it to focus on some things like sounds, the sights (even though the eyes night be closed) and touch that make up their day-to-day activities. The main purpose of doing this is not to hold onto a particular sensation, no! It is to allow these sensations to come freely into the mind and go freely too. By doing this, it is very certain that they would begin to discover a new angle to the sensation that are positive to their well-being both psychologically and physically and by doing this, a change occurs in the psyche of the individual.

Lastly, the individual involved must also learn to be persistent. At first, after starting it, it is likely not to make any sense, but with consistency and persistence, the individual is sure to move to a greater level of self-awareness.

The search giant, Google has recommended meditation to its employees as it helps to increase their level of productivity.
Many time, the masters of this practice have been invited over to their lunches.
White noise, pink noise, and nature sounds are ideal as a support tool for mindfulness. This is because it gives the person involved in the meditation the power to connects more with the present without any form of distraction,