purring sound


White noise is a filtered sound that is made when all other sound frequencies are playing at the same time. Listening to white noise is an incredible way to encourage a deeply relaxed state of your sub conscious mind.

In its original form, white noise may not sound nice to listen to, especially if the volume is loud. For example, the hissing sound from the TV when a channel is not tuned properly can be very disturbing. Thanks to technology and design, they are now many other type of white noise that can be enjoyable such as the sound from a still ocean. That said, white noise has a wide range of therapeutic benefits. These includes.

Improve Your Meditation Towards Work
White noise is great because its absorbs your attentions and let you focus without causing you to have any strong emotional response. This can help you to do away with any mental clutter and give you a nice and quiet mind to work in the office.

Provide Deep Sleep
If you are the type of person that easily gets disturbed by the noise from when a dog is barking, or a snoring spouse, then white noise is your best alternative to having a very good night sleep.

Helping You Fight Insomnia
A certain researcher explains that; " by blocking your distractions from noise and listening to sounds that are relaxing can quickly induce sleep."

Improving Your Memory
Consistently listening to white noise can boost your memory. In a research published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, researchers Vanessa Rausch, Nico Bunzeck and Eva Bauch of the University Medical Center in Hamburg-Eppendorf mapped out the effect white noise has on the brain during a mind task. They discovered that listening to white noise sounds greatly improved the memory of their participants while performing an image test.

Reducing Tinnitus
Tinnitus is a constant noise in the head that can be likened to ringing in the ears. This doesn’t give rise to a serious health problem, but can be very annoying. The wearing hearing aids generating low-level white noise can greatly reduce the feeling of tinnitus.

Helping Restless Babies
If your baby cries a lot, especially babies with colic, you can use white noise as a sleep aid to help your baby. In 2007 a Swedish researcher found out that white noise helps children diagnosed with ADHD to concentrate and as well makes them to pay attention white studying.