If you want your ears and heart to relax,
you need a white noise generator.

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In a time which we live in, where noise pollution has become the order of the day, people find it difficult to concentrate, listen and get a feel of their inner voice as a result of senseless noise flying around.
This cause a lot of problems as;

• Workers find it difficult to concentrate on their work as a result of too much noise from colleagues and customers which in turn cause distraction and may lead to low productivity
• Businessmen and women find it difficult to concentrate and think about possible steps to move their businesses forward
• Little children find it difficult to catch sleep
• Students face a hard time reading and studying, and this has a negative effect on their grades.
• People suffer a migraine headache as a result of too much unpleasant noise in their environment

While the problem lingers, a solution is here…. The Healing Noise APP.

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What is Healing Noise APP?

The healing noise is a unique and phenomenal app which makes life easy and more pleasant. It is a simple Noise generator that can produce white noise to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed when you are in an unhealthy noise environment.

Features of this application

Apart from the fact that the Healing Noise app can make you more comfortable, its unique features are second to a fault

1. It simple and easy to use
2. It is free – all you have to do is download from Playstore or IOS Appstore and start enjoying it
3. Has elegant and style and design

How to use the Healing Noise APP

The Healing Noise app is very easy to use. Once you install it, go ahead to open the app. After opening the app, a pop-up message written in two languages (English and Japanese) will appear describing briefly what the application is about. After reading it, click Ok. The application has five colored noises and metronome sounds of three kinds of rhythms that you can choose from. All you have to do is toggle any one of them on or off. The white noise aids concentration, and it relieves ringing in the ears as well as migraine headaches. When combined with the slowly rhythmic metronome sound, it gives you deep relaxation and helps to induce sleep. Similarly, the combination of metronome sound of early rhythm and white noise is useful for studying. Brown noise is good for the relaxation of the mind and stability of the emotions. It can trigger sleep in babies. Beside each of the sound bar, there is a button which contains a piece of information about each of the sounds.
The app allows you to combine various sounds at the same time and you can even play all at once. If you want to switch off the sounds, you can either toggle it of or just click on the “ALL OFF” button on the screen. You can also set a timer using the side bar or the number buttons. The maximum time is 60 minutes. There is also a release button tagged R. The application also has the off- timer function which makes it more unique. This function allows the app to be terminated at the set time even when you sleep. When you set a time on the timer and the time elapses, the application will go off by itself.

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Benefits of using the Healing Noise application

Using the healing noise app can give you the following benefits;

1. Mind and body relaxation
2. Induce deep sleep
3. Focus and concentration on work and studies, hence more productivity
4. Relaxation of tinnitus and migraines
5. Cause sleep for a baby or a pet
6. Help you think properly and solve problems more effectively
7. Give you inner peace
And many more……

The Healing Noise app is really awesome and can help us to live a better and more relaxing life. Get it today